Flavor Board {abc’s of back to school}

Okay, I know you guys are probably tired of me posting about back to school stuff on my blog. However, I thought I’d do one more Flavor Board on some wonderful tutorials that will get both you and your child wanting more. I’ve actually done a few of these tutorials already, but am now really busy at work and haven’t had the time to post it yet. But don’t fret; I’ll get it up eventually. So, instead of posting the stuff I should be posting for myself. I’d thought I’d lead you in the right direction to some other sites that are doing the same things.



A little side note: I’m probably aging myself, but I use to love covering my books. It was the “in” thing in my school growing up. Whoever had the most unusual and creative book covers were considered cool. YES, COOL. We also went crazy over erasers (pause) (sigh) – I know – but not just any eraser. The kind that are shaped and smell. I remember collecting these ice cream erasers that smelled like their flavor. It’s so funny to think about it because they were usually the worst erasers EVER (as my child would say)…so you’d have the erasers that worked on one side and on the other side you’d have the brand new “cool” erasers. You’d just have to walk to the trash to see the NEW collection of erasers everyone got that past weekend. LOL, Childhood. Anyway, enough about that. Tell me some trends that were “Cool” in your school or tell me of some new trends you’re seeing in your child’s school right now.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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